Our staff consists of a wide variety of personalities.

Josh comes in from The Bike Shack side with years of experience in our operations. He handles most of the special orders that need to be done, and fills in to assist when things get busy. Check him out. Josh really is a lover of great shoes, and he knows how they should fit!  Josh is also responsible for our web site and social media promotions.


Victoria is one of The Shoe Shack fitting experts, with over six years of expertise and intense footwear training. While in High School, Victoria ran for the Senior Rams Cross Country and Track teams all four years. She is an expert at fitting, and can do the fine tuning on your shoe to be sure it fits perfectly. She primarily works during the daytime hours to accommodate the customer with special shoe fitting needs. If you have questions on the proper running shoes for your run, Victoria can help.

  Victoria's favorite shoe is the New balance 860 - I love the 860 because it was the first shoe I was fit for, & every model continues to get better and better.


Adam is a fit specialist at The Shoe Shack. With over two years of training under his belt, Adam knows how to fit shoes.  He currently runs for Hempstead's Mustang Track and Cross Country team. Adam is a great addition to our team with his experience in running injuries and foot issues. Adam is the member to see if you have questions about injuries to your feet.

     The favorite shoe for Adam is the Hoka Clifton Edge - Here is what he has to say: I like the Edge because it has a lot of cushioning and is a very unique looking shoe.


Liz is another of our fitting experts. She has been with The Shoe Shack for four years, and within those years, has gained an intense level of training for shoe fitting and specializes in fitting the entire family. Liz spent her high school days on the Hempstead Mustangs Cross Country and Track running teams. Liz currently attends the University of Iowa and is studying neuroscience. If you have questions on the proper shoes for your running, Liz can help. 

Her favorite shoe: New Balance 1080 -  I love the 1080's because each version keeps getting better and better. The cushioning is always just right and it's my go to shoe!



Lilly is our newest, and youngest team member. She has gone through our intense fitting training over the past few months. She knows how to properly fit your shoes. Lilly currently runs for the Senior Rams Cross Country team, and is eager to help you get properly fitted for your new shoes.

Favorite shoe: The Saucony Guide - I love the Saucony Guide because of its comfortability and cushioning.    


Matt is back! He returns with over two years of experience and training from working previously at The Shoe Shack. He really knows how to get the proper fit, and the proper shoe for you. Matt has five years of running for his schools teams. First he ran for Hempstead High, and then for Loras Collage cross country team. This gives Matt a lot of insight to injuries, foot problems and running. Need help and advice come to The Shoe Shack and see Matt. 

Matts favorite shoe is the HOKA Bondi 7 because of its premium cushion and the smoothness the shoe offers.


Stop in and see just how special a custom shoe fitting experience can be.


If your feet hurt you should check out The Shoe Shack . . . Home of the Fit Guarantee!